Web Design, Content Management and Production

Web design is a constantly changing discipline -everything from Social Networking sites, to SEO, Content Management, graphic design, blogging, to Flash, to cell phones, netbooks, tablets, etc. are being improved on and upgraded everyday. The latest innovations include HTML5 and the latest CSS version, CSS 3, that introduce new features and power. Hard to keep up with? You bet, but most of the changes are enhancing ease of use and accessibility.

Need a site for your small biz, artist projects or non-profit? Not content with slapping up a freebie site (just remember what Mama said: "There is no such thing as something for nothing") Don't have the time to learn template tools or get your site ranked on search engines or keep up with the latest tech innovations? If business, image or content is important to then you must control your own domain and use all the other tools available to enhance it. Once your site is set up you can make the changes yourself with programs such as Drupal Gardens, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. The point is, though the setup is what can be daunting, once that's done (my job), adding content and checking on the site's effectiveness through social media, search engines, sales, etc. will be your job.